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The most accurate 3-way studio monitor ever

“The A25-Ms are genuinely revealing monitors that can provide great insight into the components of a mix and how they fit together, or not.”

“I’ve no idea if it’s the CPR or AOI (or both) that are responsible for the abilities of the A25-Ms, or if it was simply good, traditional electro-acoustic engineering that I was hearing, but it seems to me the the number one priority of any monitor design is that it enables us to hear what’s what in a mix, and to help us make the appropriate creative decisions. The A25-Ms really excel in that regard.”
Phil Ward, Sound on Sound UK


Main Features

Power: 170 + 80 + 50W
Frequency Range: 32Hz – 23kHz
SPL Max: 110dB
100% Analog – No DSP
Flat frequency response
Phase compensated for a better stereo image
Hand made tweeter
Tweeter-mid unit can be swivelled 90° for horizontal use
Class G/H Amplifiers

individually calibrated
Typical listening distance: from 2.5m
5 years warranty
Handmade in Switzerland

Extend the low frequencies and add power

When used with one of our subwoofers, the A25-M will transform in an amazing 4-way system, with ultra precise control on all the frequencies, from very low until the highest notes:
Our compact Sub A125-M (Two units are required to match SPL max of A25-M)
our full range Sub A225-M

A25-M – The most accurate 3 way speaker on the market

The A25-M is PSI Audio’s flagship loudspeaker. It is a mid-field to main reference monitor with staggering precision and amazing stereo image.
The dynamic behaviour, precision frequency and phase responses have made of the A25-M a true reference in the entire industry.

Power RMS: 170 + 80 + 50 W
Program Power: 300 W
Input Impedance: Sym, 10k Ohms
Sensivity for 100 dB @ 1m: 0.775 V
Signal to Noise Ratio: 96 dBA
Continuous Max SPL@1m: 110 dB (single)
Input Overload: 24 Vpp
Program Max SPL@1m: 121 dB (pair)
Response at -6dB: 32 - 23000 Hz
Tolerances: ±1.5 dB (38Hz - 20kHz)
Distortion THD: less than 1% (70Hz-20kHz)
Phase tolerances: ±45° (150Hz - 20kHz)
Dispersion (P.N. 4 - 16 kHz) at -6 dB: 90° x 80° (H x V)
System: 3 Way(s)
Crossover frequency: 580Hz, 3.1kHz
Woofer's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø 258 mm / Ø 210 mm
Medium's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø 142 mm / Ø 102 mm
Tweeter's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø 100 mm / Ø 25 mm
Connectors: 1 x XLR F / 3P
Signal input: 1=GND, 2=(+), 3=(-)
Material: MDF
Dimensions W x H x D mm: 320 x 590 x 380
Gross / Net Weight: 30.6 / 26.9 kg
Voltage: 115/230V (50-60Hz)
Consumption Standby-Quiescent-Max: 1.8 - 8 - 200 W
Mean / Max Humidity: less 75% / less than 90%
External Temperature: 5 - 40°C


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