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ZOOM L-12 Livetrak

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Mix, Record, Monitor, Playback, and Remix
With the LiveTrak L-12, you can finally mix, record, and monitor with a single piece of gear. It’s the only digital console that lets you mix your live performance and record up to 12 discrete channels – all while providing five individual custom headphone mixes.

Effortless - Live Mixing

LiveTrak’s 12 discrete channels (eight
mono plus two stereo) have a 3-band
mid-parametric EQ and 16 built-in
send effects. Its eight mono channels
also have a dedicated compressor.
With all these controls plus its
12-segment LED metering, the
L-12 offers just what you need
for intuitive mixing.

LiveTrak lets you record 12 discrete tracks up to
24-bit/96 kHz WAV audio to an SD card
while simultaneously mixing your live show.
Tracks are recorded pre-EQ and effects, so
they can be transferred to your favorite DAW
for further mixing and editing.


*Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface,
ÔÇőfader modes A-E, and channels 13-14
(stereo mix) are not available in 96 kHz.

Five Custom
Each of LiveTrak’s five monitor outputs
provides a unique mix, so every performer
can create and save a mix that’s tailored
to their preferences. Its headphone
amplifier delivers volume that stands up
in any live environment without the need
for a separate headphone monitoring setup.


The Channel Strip ( 1 )
All 12 inputs include a channel fader and mute button. The eight mono inputs also include single-knob compression and gain control. Record or playback individual channels with the "Rec/Play" button. Use the "Select" button to apply Channel Strip settings (EQ and panning controls, and "EFX Return" settings) to the selected channel.

Easy EQ Control ( 2 )
The L-12 provides a smooth 3-band mid-parametric EQ and a low cut function for each input channel.

Plenty of Inputs ( 3 )
The L-12’s combo inputs support XLR or 1/4-inch connections. Channels 1 and 2 offer Hi-Z inputs for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Channels 9/10 and 11/12 have TS line connectivity for keyboards and other audio devices, as well as RCA inputs. 

Navigation and Display ( 4 )
LiveTrak’s bright, backlit LCD screen and encoder knob let you access an intuitive menu system to create new projects, recall previous projects, and customize your recorder settings.

16 Onboard Effects ( 5 )
The L-12 offers 16 built-in effects with fully adjustable parameters. Choose from delay and reverb effects, then apply them to any channel.

Custom Scene Settings ( 6 )
Save up to nine different scenes and recall your custom settings automatically. Each scene saves fader position, EQ settings, pan, mute, and more. The “Fader Mode” buttons allow you to design custom mixes for both the Master and monitor outs.

Slate Mic and Metronome ( 7 )
Use the built-in slate mic to record comments or talk-back, and program the metronome to your desired tempo.

Flexible Monitoring Options ( 8 )
Five powered headphone outputs can send individual monitor sub mixes to headphones, in-ear monitors, or powered monitor speakers. Headphone output A also features two 1/4" outputs for connection to additional monitors. The main outputs feature XLR connectors to easily connect to your PA.



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