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CHORD Clearway Digital 1RCA-1RCA 1m

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Clearway Digital

The very first Tuned ARAY cable we developed was the Chord Sarum Digital and when we heard what it could do we took the idea and developed it for analogue and power cables as well. Digital cables don’t make a difference? Well it’s true that a lot of digital cables are fundamentally 75 Ohm coaxial designs. Tuned ARAY is different – it’s a unique conductor configuration and the Clearway digital uses the same Tuned Conductor geometry as the original Sarum Digital. That makes it a very special digital cable and one you need to listen to.  It isn’t necessarily detail you’re listening for – it’s something far easier to hear, its musical coherence, something that a lot of what used to be called “entry level” equipment is getting very good at producing.

The Clearway Digital can be fitted with our silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs, silver-plated BNC connectors and/or mono mini-jacks, that fit some of the very chic miniature DACs.

The standard length is 1m, with custom lengths available to order.


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