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NAIM Uniti Core

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  • Svetogorska 9, Beograd
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A powerful music server. Rip your entire CD collection, store upto 100,000 tracks and stream files directly to Uniti systems or other Naim streamers. You can also use Uniti Core as a digital source.

Naim Uniti Core replaces the hugely popular Naim Uniti Serve, but improves on its predecessor in several significant ways. Of four updated Naim Uniti models announced at the same time, three of them - Atom, Star and Nova are all-in-one systems and this is the dedicated matching ripped and music server.

This is a state-of-the-art music server. Rip your entire CD collection into one safe location, store music files in flawless high resolution and stream music from any source at the touch of a button with all the deep and immersive sound quality that only a Naim music server can deliver. This model can be used as a storage solution alongside the Uniti Atom, Uniti Star or Uniti Nova all-in-one-systems or of course as a solution in any other hi-fi system.

CD Ripping

New Uniti delivers bit-perfect CD ripping to create accessible files that can be served to any UPnP streaming system on the network. The system uses the designed in EAC (Exact Audio Copy) software to extract the files which can be stored as WAV or FLAC lossless files. Uniti Core has a significantly larger database capacity and can rip to NAS and store 100,000 tracks assuming the HDD has the capacity.

Digital Source

You can also use Uniti Core as a digital source. Simply connect it to a digital input on your amplifier or Naim system and control playback via Naim's app. You can also control the unit using Naim's completely redesigned bi-directional remote control.

Materials & Fabrication

The material choices and the construction solution were crucial for new Uniti and are in complete service to the thermal and electrical requirements placed upon the internal componentry; in order for electronic components to perform at their very best, Naim approach the design of our mechanical enclosures in a very unique way.

Naim’s four engineering fundamentals of circuitry, space, purposeful materiality and technology played a huge part: each component of the Uniti system case has been rolled or extruded and then machined with computer controlled, liquid cooled numerically controlled cutting equipment (CNC) for absolute dimensional precision.

Heat Sinks

The substantial side heat sinks present in all Uniti products are directly coupled to the individual product floor pans to provide excellent thermal contact and heat transfer. This ensures that heat is removed from the circuitry quickly and efficiently. Thermal stability ensures consistent performance and long component life, two key parameters to Naim design.


The 15mm top plate covers present on all products are CNC fabricated, brushed and cosmetically anodised to offer a beautiful muscular appearance as well as tough scratch and dent resistant cladding suitable for the many years ahead.

The thick aluminium wall sections absorb unwanted vibrations and help protect the core internal electronics from detrimental magnetic influences. Even the mounting of the printed circuit boards to the chassis is controlled to limit the effects of microphony upon the components.


Over the last forty years Naim has been honing a minimalist purity in the design language of its electronics. The intention has always been to draw on the precision and purity of their wonderful black boxes and to never lose sight of their function and purpose whilst at the same time looking to stretch the visual identity so that they discover and express purity of form as well as performance.

Bringing all Naim’s exacting design elements together into a compact and beautifully engineered enclosure with Uniti has been a real labour of love. It offers a complete expression of Naim engineering and artistry and will provide the foundation for musical pleasure for many years to come.

New Look

All functional elements are as embedded into the core design DNA of Uniti as much as possible. The CD slot feature is presented as a bold split line, the heatsinks are captured within the overall footprint and the logo bar embedded into the base. The combination is a visually clean, beautifully finished enclosure built to the highest levels of precision.

Front Panel

The front panel is sleek incorporating a CD and USB slot along with a power and eject button. This neat layout makes the Naim Core simple to use. The end result is the perfect union of where Naim have come from and where they are going. Hand-built products designed and manufactured in Salisbury to provide many years of musical satisfaction whilst being completely in tune with the demands of the modern music lover.

Whats in the box?

- Full documentation pack
- 4 x HDD screws and 3 x SSD screws
- 1 x BNC to phono connector
- Naim Power Line Lite mains cable

Key Features:

Digital Input (Optical)
Bit-Perfect CD Ripping
File Formats
Wireless Updates
Storage and Back up
UPNP Upto 384 kHz



Audio Inputs


2 x USB Type A Socket (front and rear)

Audio Outputs

Digital (S/PDIF)




Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps)


Update your system wirelessly via the Naim app.


Serve up to 12 network-connected players via UPnP™. 
Music stored locally on Uniti Core:
384k 32-Bit WAV, 24576kb/s: 384k 24-Bit WAV, 18232kb/s: 192k 24-Bit WAV, 9216kb/s: >12 streams, 
44.1k 16-Bit WAV, 1411kb/s: >16 streams

Music stored on a NAS:

192k 24-Bit WAV, 9216kb/s:

Ripping and Storage


Store up to 100,000 tracks to internal (HDD or SSD - up to 8TB) or external Network Attached Storage or USB-connected storage and serve to a network-connected player.

CD Ripping

Create bit-perfect copies of your CDs, store them internally and play back (external DAC or digital input amplifier needed).


CD Formats

Audio CD (Red Book, CD and CD-R)

Audio Formats

WAV - up to 32bits/384kHz, 
FLAC and AIFF - up to 24bit/384kHz, 
ALAC (Apple Lossless) - up to 24bit/384kHz, 
MP3 - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit), 
AAC - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit), 
OGG and WMA - up to 48kHz (16 bit), 
DSD - 64 and 128Fs. 
Notes: Gapless playback supported on all formats. All formats to 48kHz maximum over wireless network.


Power Consumption

Typical Use (no storage attached): 6.7W, 
Network Standby (no storage attached): <2W, 
Deep Sleep: Note: Power consumption will be increased with the addition of user fitted storage (typical increase of approximately 8W for an internal HDD, dependant on the specification of storage).

Mains Supply

100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz

User Control

App Control

Naim App for iOS and Android



95mm x 214mm x 265mm (HxWxD)




Brushed and anodised aluminium

Supplied with

Power-Line Lite mains cable (UK only), 
standard mains cable (international markets), 
cleaning cloth, 
drive caddy screws, 
BNC to Phono Connector, 
quick start guide. 
Please note: not sold with an internal hard drive - features a removable caddy into which an HDD or SSD can be installed

Certification and Licenses



Mains Cable

Power-Line mains cable


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