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Arturia AstroLab 61 White

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Avant-garde Stage Keyboard

Explore a vast spectrum of classic and modern sounds. AstroLab is a 61-key stage keyboard combining the power of synthesis, intuitive controls, and an innovative ecosystem - inviting you to focus on your creative expression and transition seamlessly from studio to stage.

1300+ Sounds Instantly
Access a world of classic and modern sounds brought to life with cutting-edge virtual synthesis. The hammer-action realism of Piano V, the rich and warm keys of Stage-73, and the mind-bending modern synthesis of Pigments—all moments away.

Level Up Your Artistry
Enter creative flow, and play without distraction. Dial-in the perfect sound with AstroLab's intuitive navigation, and make impactful adjustments when playing live with four macro knobs and four FX knobs, customizable in Analog Lab.

Studio to Stage, Hassle Free
From mobile sound management, to advanced DAW integration, to drag-and-drop playlist creation, organize and edit sounds in-depth, go live with your custom sounds, and expand your library via the Sound Store with AstroLab's companion software.

A Keyboard You Can Rely On
Have the confidence to take your sound anywhere and play without constraint. AstroLab's robust and integrated design ensures maximum stability when playing live. Take full control of your sound without a computer or unnecessary cables.

Intuitive Controls
4 Macros
Adjust the tone with Brightness, alter the waveshape and filter settings with Timbre, or use Movement to control modulating effects like vibrato or tremolo.
4 Effects
Add spatialization to any sound with dedicated Delay and Reverb, and make impactful adjustments with two insert effects.

AstroLab provides endless sound design in one simple instrument, giving you access to thousands of world-class presets that fit seamlessly into any setup. Integrate with your DAW via Analog Lab, or go without a computer and make use of AstroLab as a standalone instrument.

Setting Up
Modulate sound infinitely in the studio, create personalized preset libraries, and perform them onstage. No more fumbling with complex cables and live setups, AstroLab lets you bring your custom sounds with you wherever you go.

Play the sounds you want effortlessly, instantly, and without distraction. Have peace of mind during a performance with essential controls and an expertly designed semiweighted keyboard that captures every nuance and inflection of your playing style.

Assignable FX
Make impactful adjustments when playing live
• AstroLab features dedicated delay and reverb and two insert FX, customizable on AstroLab and Analog Lab. Create unique settings     for each preset, so you have all the controls you need when playing live.
• Choose the room shape from jazz club to factory hall, select your favorite delay, and choose from twelve insert effects to add    denaturing distortion or superwide chorus to any sound/
No need to compromise advanced in-the-moment modulation
• Go a step further and assign AstroLab’s FX to any instrument parameter when combined with V Collection, Arturia’s reference suite of software instruments.
• Choose an evolving CS-80 arp preset in Analog Lab, open the full instrument view, then edit the macros to control any parameter of your choice. Save the preset, and send it to AstroLab's library for dynamic custom modulation when playing live.

AstroLab Details
• Over 1000 built-in sounds across all types of synths and keyboards (pianos, electric pianos, organs, synths, string machines, samplers, and more)
• Over 7000 free sounds available through Analog Lab Pro and the Arturia Sound Store
• Semiweighted keys with velocity and aftertouch
• Instrument section with two selectable parts, allowing you to split or layer different instruments (or two instances of the same one) across the keyboard
• Two insert effects with 12 effect choices each
• Dedicated delays and reverbs on sends
• Stereo XLR combo jack lets you process external audio (mic, line, or instrument level signals) through applicable AstroLab instruments such as Vocoder V
• Unique Color Screen Encoder to make browsing presets, instruments, and effects quick and easy
• Eight 360-degree encoder knobs with LED position rings
• Macros (Brightness, Timbre, Time, and Movement) let you control multiple parameters with a single knob twist
• Quick-access Type buttons to store, recall, and navigate sounds
• Smooth Preset transition ensures that sustained notes are not cut off when switching sounds
• Arpeggiator and Looper with chord mode and scale quantizer
• Playlists and Songs let you organize presets in any order, then step through them in sequence
• Multicolor LEDs above the keys indicate split points and notes played on the keyboard and by the Arpeggiator
• Powered USB-A port for external storage or playing AstroLab from a MIDI controller
• USB-C port for connecting a computer, smartphone, or tablet
• 5-pin MIDI in and out
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
• Four control pedal inputs: Expression, Sustain, Aux 1, and Aux 2
• Balanced 1/4" TRS outputs
• 1/4" headphone output


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