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Wireless Discussion System

Wireless conference system is composed by a receiver unit referred DWS, four wireless stands MW and a battery charger. The system is UHF PLL and is equipped with an anti- interferences system and TONE LOCK. 2 Frequencies range are available within the following bands : a: 610÷ 670 MHz and b:730÷ 790MHzs For each frequency range 3 receivers units for a maximum of 12 call stations . When both range of frequencies are used, we can obtain up to 6 receivers units (3 from one frequency range and 3 from the other ) for a maximum of 24 (12 with set up on the frequency range of the type a and 12 of the type b ) working contemporaneously. Each central unit features 4 channels: Each stand BMW is operating exclusively on one of the fourth frequency ranges). The stand power supply is effected through a couple of rechargeable AA 1,2V 1200mA batteries or in alternative a couple of normal disposable AA,1,5 V batteries.


Main features:

  • Dual display
  • Keys for navigation
  • Single level control for each stand Infrared technology for operating frequency set up
  • Balanced output and mixed unbalanced output
  • Single output for each channel Channel or Tuning frequency mode
  • Squelch control separately and for each single stand
  • Wireless console with display and light ring to indicate operating condition
  • Range 50/60 mt
  • Case in metal one unit 19” rack standard.

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