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M-AUDIO Torq Conectiv DVS System

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  • Svetogorska 9, Beograd
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Torq Conectiv Vinyl/CD Pack - DJ Performance/Production System with Control Vinyl and CD


Top Features

includes Torq DJ software > instantly turn any Mac or PC into a powerful DJ rig
includes Conectiv 4 x 4 USB audio interface with 16-bit/48kHz fidelity > CD quality and beyond
4 RCA inputs configurable for line-level or phono signals > connects to all standard DJ mixers, turntables and CD players
supports MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA and AAC files > cue, beat-match and mix standard digital audio files
use as a self-contained digital system, multi-effects processor or slave from included Control CDs/vinyl > totally flexible
hosts standard VST effects > powerful, expandable digital processing
Torq Conectiv—including the revolutionary Torq DJ software and Conectiv bus-powered 4 x 4 USB audio interface—is the breakthrough hardware/software system designed for DJs who perform and produce tracks with a laptop. Torq Conectiv delivers high-fidelity audio, all the right kinds of I/O (including dual phono preamps), and the ability to mix, beat-match and cue digital files with ease. Use it as a completely digital solution or process your vinyl and CDs on the fly. You can also create a hybrid digital/vinyl DJ rig with specially encoded Torq Control CDs and Torq Control Vinyl disks (both included). Torq supports popular file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC files and is configured to automatically work with Conectiv right out of the box. And unlike most digital DJ systems, the Conectiv interface works with other third-party software as well.

Note: Everyone purchasing Torq Xponent or Torq Conectiv from January 13, 2011 to June 30, 2011 will receive a free upgrade to Torq 2.0 when it becomes available.. Click here for more info.

Full Features

includes revolutionary Torq DJ software, Conectiv USB audio interface, plus 2 Torq Control Vinyl disks and 2 Torq Control CDs
Torq software features:

  • cue, beat-match and mix digital audio files (including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA and AAC)
  • works instantly and seamlessly with Conectiv
  • organizes digital audio files (including iTunes libraries) into easily searchable database
  • automatic beat-matching and integrated time-stretching/compression
  • 2 virtual decks for loading and playing files
  • 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, level control, headphone cueing and crossfader
  • supports two inputs for source music, microphones and more from compatible interfaces
  • includes 10 effects including filter, phaser, strobe, delay, flanger, reverb, distortion, repeat, brake and reverse
  • supports optional third-party VST effects
  • 16-cell, tempo-synced sampler
  • QuickScratch feature allows instant scratching with two loaded samples
  • performance recorder
  • snapshot function for instant recall of mixer and effects settings
  • instant looping
  • vinyl, CDJ and hybrid emulation control modes
  • controllable via mouse, keyboard or MIDI controller
  • controllable with traditional DJ hardware using Torq Control Vinyl and Torq Control CDs
  • multiple operating modes for emulating turntable, DJ CD player or a hybrid of both
  • functions as a ReWire slave
Conectiv hardware features:

  • 4 x 4 USB 1.1 audio interface with 16-bit/48kHz fidelity
  • 4 RCA inputs configurable for line-level or phono signals
  • 4 RCA line outputs with +2dBV peak output level
  • 2 mix knobs for blending between the audio input and computer output
  • ¼” TRS headphone output with volume control
  • crossfadable cue source with headphone split function
  • ¼” TS microphone input (dynamic mics only)
  • USB bus-powered
  • Core Audio and ASIO compatible
  • Pro Tools M-Powered compatible (version 7.3 or later)
Torq Control Vinyl and Control CDs features:
  • ultra-fast response
  • bi-directional positioning
  • heavy-duty construction


Core Audio

Minimum System Requirements (PC)

Torq Software*
OS: Windows XP (SP2)**, CPU: 1.6GHz, RAM: 512MB, 256MB free hard disk space
OS: Windows Vista (32-bit), CPU: Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz or greater, RAM: 1GB, Hard Drive: 7200RPM Windows Experience Index: 3.0
Conectiv Hardware
Windows XP (SP2)**
Pentium III 500MHz
USB: One available port (for use by approved SynchroScience hardware device)
Recommended system specifications
Windows XP (SP2)** 2.4GHz single CPU or greater, 2GB RAM, 7200RPM or faster Hard Drive w/ 2GB of free space
* Minimum system requirements reflect the ability to run Torq using a basic feature set. Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations.
** Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)

Torq Software*
Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.3
CPU: G4** 1.67GHz
RAM: 512MB
256MB free hard disk space
Conectiv Hardware
Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.6, 10.5.1
G3 500 MHz
USB: One available port (for use by approved SynchroScience hardware device)
Recommended system specifications
Mac/Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz (or greater)
2GB RAM, 7200RPM Hard Drive w/ 2GB free space


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