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QED Performance Audio 40i 0.6m

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Performance Audio 40i with QED Solid Complementary Conductor™ Technology

Performance Audio 40i builds on the strengths of the original Performance Audio 40, and delivers an even more enjoyable and convincing sound - without affecting its prodigious value for money. Using the principles laid down in its industry-defining Genesis Report, as well as some startlingly original technology (including the ground-breaking Solid Complementary Conductors), QED has created an interconnect that puts as much distance between itself and its nominal competition as the original Performance Audio 40 did over six years ago.

Overall, the Performance Audio 40i is an impressive interconnect capable of a great performance, making it great value for money."

Hi-Fi Choice, Group Test Winner, Febraury 2022 issue


"Overall, the Performance Audio 40i is an excellent interconnect and offers great value for money."

Hi-Fi Choice, 5 stars, Recommended award


"This inexpensive interconnect, at £50 for a stereo pair, offers a genuine hi-fi sound, with no obvious faults, is easy on the ear, and is thus a clear shoe-in for many systems."

Hi-Fi Critic


"A great pair of cables in this price bracket, the QED Performance Audio 40i interconnects add a sense of complexity and maturity that you’d expect to hear in more expensive designs. Well made and flexible, you never feel that the 40i cables are holding music back. These cables are rooting for you hi-fi, every step of the way. No brainer purchases, the QED Performance Audio 40i interconnects are little gems."

The Audiophile Man, Deeply Groovy Award

Solid Complementary Conductor technology
Beneath the PVC jacket, braided foil shield, ferrite jacket and foamed polyethylene dielectric are two solid, electrically isolated and oxygen-free copper conductors of different diameters. Using two wholly separate conductors (one copper, one silver-plated) to carry the audio signal provides the most complete, least compromised route for audio information to travel. The resulting sound enjoys greater scale and three-dimensionality than has been previously achievable from an interconnect of this price, and helps QED maintain both its reputation as an innovator and a class-leader.
Ferrite jacket
The ferrite insulation delivers measurable improvements to both the amount of high-frequency signal noise rejected by the cable and the amount of relevant signal information lost. The improved accuracy of high-frequency impulse transmission impacts positively on timing, and on dynamics both broad and low-level.
Just listen
Performance 40i has numerous technological highlights, and we’re convinced it represents amazing value for money. The easiest way for you to understand what we mean is to hear it in action for yourself - we’re confident you’ll prefer it to any alternative cable at anything like the price.


Conductor type Solid Complementary
Metallurgy 99.999% OFC & SPOFC
Conductor size 1 x 0.643 mm & 1 x 0.404 mm
Combined conductor cross-section 0.45 mm²
Dielectric Foamed Polyethylene
Capacitance 57 pF/m
Self-inductance 0.45 μH/m
Loop resistance 0.050 Ω/m
Dissipation factor @ 10kHz 0.00250
Outer jacket Black Pearl PVC
Nominal outside diameter 8.0 mm


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