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QED Performance Digital Audio 1

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Best Coaxial Cable Under £50 "Impressive cable – level of detail, subtlety and scale are superb. There's plenty of punch and attack, too."


Performance delivers the clarity and realism you expect from a top-flight Co-ax interconnect at a budget price. That's because it doesn't cut corners. It gets it right. Optimum transmission line performance demands an impedance of exactly 75 ohms. And to achieve that requires precision - a cable built down to tolerances of 100th of a millimetre, not down to a price. A cable designed for the job.

Performance is exactly that - an accurate 75 ohm digital interconnect. Signal and data integrity is ensured by using a low loss LDPE dielectric and 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors. A PVC jacket absorbs mechanically induced vibration and a triple screen comprising aluminium Mylar foil and dual 99.999% OFC copper braids prevents electrostatic and electromagnetic interference. The zinc plated alloy phono plugs are ergonomically shaped and use gold-plated pins and connectors to minimise contact resistance and oxidisation.


Conductor Section (mm2) 0.19
Conductor Material 99.999% OFC
Screening Material Aluminium Mylar+Double 99.999% OFC Braid
Conductor Dielectric Low Density Polyethylene
Parallel Capacitance (pF/m) 61.0
Characteristic Impedence (ohm) 75
Overall Size (mm) 6.2 Dia
Finish Pearl Purple


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