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PRO-JECT Stream Box S2 Ultra Silver

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Audio optimized network bridge and USB detox device

We live in a modern world!

With the Stream Box S2 Ultra we have designed a completely new product in the streaming world. It features never seen control scenarios and unprecedented audio performance. Its main goal is to be a universal device that can get any USB DAC into the network, upgrading your favourite high-end DAC with modern and future proof streaming capabilities.


With the gaining ground of internet streaming services, such as TIDAL or Spotify, the consumer‘s interest has shifted towards network enabled devices. Many great sounding products though do not offer any network ability, either because they are too old or their main focus was not on this subject. The solution has often been to replace them with a new and modern device, stream audio via Bluetooth or to comprimise and use a smartphone or tablet via their analogue ouput to feed active speakers or amplifiers.
There never was a really good solution for the consumer. Untill now.

Stream Box S2 Ultra: the smart addition

Stream Box S2 Ultra closes the gap, it offers modern connectivity with its network inputs and USB A output. This USB output is perfectionized for audio signals, it uses a dedicated internal power supply and only top audiophile grade components. You won‘t run into file-support issues, as Stream Box S2 Ultra acts as a network bridge, bypassing the files directly to your digital to analogue converter. Since most DACs only have one USB input, we have designed Stream Box S2 Ultra also to be a USB detox device. Simply connect your PC to the micro USB input of the unit and connect our DAC to the audio output. This way you can clean the noisy signal of your PC, while enjoying your music with it.
Our new remote control iOS and Android App is based on an opensource project and has a large community behind it. This guarantees full support and future improvements.

Stream Box S2 Ultra: feature galore!

Stream Box S2 Ultra is fully remoteable via smart devices and a regular web-browser. It offers support for the most popular streaming services: Spotify and TIDAL. Both services offer you a sheer endless amount of music, guaranteeing you, that you never run out of music to listen to. By implementing Shoutcast, we also give you the option to listen to various internet radio stations. You can listen to your favourite radio shows, the news and discover new channels from all around the world – with just a few clicks.

The back-sided HDMI video output lets you connect your monitor to the Stream Box S2 Ultra. It will then show you the graphic user interface, ready to act on your commands. With the implementation of Shairport we were even able to give the iDevice users out there another possibilty to send data to our Stream Box S2 Ultra.

There are two USB inputs on Stream Box S2 Ultra, one front sided and one back sided. Both give you the possibility to connect an external harddrive to the unit. Via one of the various control scenarios (App, Webbrowser, external monitor) you can pick from your own selection of audio. The file system support goes up to PCM 32bit / 352.8 kHz and DSD256.

Here at Pro-Ject, we are big supporters of the Roon software, that is why we wanted the Stream Box S2 Ultra to be Roon Ready and fully certified. This way you can simply pick your Stream Box S2 Ultra in the Roon interface and send bit-perfect audio streams to it over your network.

This incredible feature set makes Stream Box S2 Ultra bullet-proof for all future events. Together with Pre Box S2 Digital they become the most versatile and audiophile set in its price class.


  • High resolution network bridge
  • Audio optimized USB A output
  • Multi-room enabled
  • Dual USB A input for external storage
  • TIDAL supported
  • QUOBUZ supported
  • Spotify
  • Network-enables any modern DAC with USB input
  • Internet Radio
  • DLNA enabled
  • Bypasses all audio formats to the DAC
  • Cleans up the audio signal from a PC
  • Fully Roon Ready and certified
  • Shairport
  • Bluetooth
  • Uses dedicated power supplies
  • HDMI video output
  • Controllable via smart devices and PC/Laptop
  • New control app!
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity

Technical Specifications

Audio Formats PCM 32bit/352.8kHz, DSD256
Internet Radio Shoutcast
Streaming Services TIDAL, Spotify
Supported data protocols RAAT, Shairport, DLNA
Multi-room Up to six devices
Inputs 2 x USB A
  Micro USB B (PC-Detox)
  Network (Ethernet, WiFi)
WiFi Standards 802.11 b/g/n/d/e/h/i
Bluetooth Bluetooth Classic + EDR v2.1, v3.0, v4.0 and Low Energy
Outputs Audio optimized USB A
  HDMI (video)
Controllable via App, Web Browser, Roon
Weight 375 g (without power supply)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 105 x 37 x 105 mm


stereoplay reviews Stream Box S2 Ultra + Pre Box S2 Digital

DE, 02.2019
Small, but impressive! Verdict: Pro-Ject‘s smart boxes silently evolve to an affordable high end kit with an incredibly good price-performance ratio. The plethora of digital connections and source options is well implemented, handling is easy, possibilities almost endless and updates are possible. What more do you want? So lets grab your hard disks.

Roland Kraft

AudioVideo reviews the Stream Box S2 Ultra

PL, 02. 2019
Conclusion: Pro-Ject offers a streamer, which brings complete package of functionality, supports all formats which you actually need, has a possibility to connection via wi-fi or wired net. The sound is close, intimate and with nice scene. It is the ideal partner for DAC’s from mid and hi range. It could be a very nice surprise for many audiophiles.

Michael Sommerfeld

Hificritic reviews the Stream Box S2 Ultra

EN, 01.-03.2019
Conlusions: What this Pro-Ject does so well is what so many of the company’s Box Design devices achieve: it provides a simple, logical solution to a problem, performs impeccably, and does so in a form so small it could even be hidden away if preferred. But that would be a shame: for a box that does so much, as the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra is terribly cute, and is also excellent value for money, so much so that a Best Buy rating is mandatory.

Andrew Everard

simplifi reviews the Stream Box S2 Ultra

US, 01.2019
Pro-Ject’s Stream Box S2 Ultra is a nifty little product with lots of applications. Pair it with a compact USB DAC like Pro-Ject’s Pre Box S2 and you have a very nice, small-footprint digital source for streamed and locally stored music.



Gordon Brockhouse

qobuz reviews the Stream Box S2 Ultra

FR, 12.2018
The numerous playback options have been a real and pleasant surprise or us. The Stream Box S2 Ultra hides a little network streamer with very advanced mpossibilities that can be controlled from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.






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