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State-of-the-art sound

The Pyxis pre-amplifier is the heart of Leema’s Reference Series, designed to offer absolute transparency with superior resolution and musicality. The Pyxis is without doubt a state-of-the-art performer. A generous range of features ensures that the Pyxis offers complete satisfaction.

Features include both single-ended and balanced analogue inputs and outputs, tone controls, USB digital connectivity for use with computers, on-board 24 bit 96 kHz DAC for digital sources, high performance headphone amplifier and an optional built-in, high quality MM / MC phono-stage.

Pyxis’ analogue signal path is fully balanced throughout. In many ways it is actually two complete pre-amplifiers – one for each signal phase.

Pyxis features Leema’s proprietary LIPS® control interface. LIPS® type 1 & 2 are both included, allowing Pyxis to integrate with home automation systems and other Leema components. Using LIPS® it is possible to feed any Leema power amplifier with a constant high-level audio signal and control the volume at the input stage of the power amplifier. This is achieved by using ‘fly-by-wire’ control data from the Pyxis which ensures maximum signal-to-noise ratio and resolution of the audio signal, by running the audio interconnect cables at an unattenuated high-level.


Hi-Fi News: Highly Commended, April 2009

Hi-Fi News: Highly Commended, 2009 Yearbook

Hi-Fi News: Outstanding Product, October 2010

Hi-Fi News: Outstanding Product, 2010 Yearbook

Specification / Features

(See User Manual for full specification)

THD: 0.004%

Noise: < -100 dB

Freqency Response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Number of balanced Inputs (XLR): 2

Number of un-balanced Inputs (RCA): 5

Internal Phono Amplifier: Optional (MM & MC Input)

Tape Input: 1

Tape Output: 1

MP3 Inputs (front panel): 1

USB: Yes (Bi-directional - up to 48 kHz sampling rate, 16 bit)

S/PDIF Output: 1 (Co-axial)

S/PDIF Input: 1 (Co-axial)

Headphone Outputs: 1

Pre-out Outputs: 1x Un-balanced (RCA) & 1x Balanced (XLR)

Channel gain adjust for each individual input

Low Frequency Adjust 50 Hz +/- 6 dB

High Frequency Adjust 15 kHz +/- 6 dB

Mute Buton: Yes

Balance Adjust: (left/Right)

LIPS® system: Master or Slave 

Dimensions: 440*320*110mm

Carton: 590*450*210mm

Mass: 10Kg


Manual   Brochure


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