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PROAC Tablette 10 SIG Ebony zvučnik za policu/stalak

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The ProAc Tablette 10 Signature Loudspeakers use cutting edge new drive units and Paganni Mika bass cones to provide an even better performance than ever seen before in the Tablette range. Please note: Stands (pictured) are not included.


The ProAc Tablette range has been in development for almost 40 years. The first speakers in the range were originally released in 1979, and now these 10th generation ProAc Tablette 10 Signature loudspeakers are about to up the game even further. With an all new design, these speakers have been constructed using a thin walled, heavy damped infinite baffle enclosure – the same baffle that was previously used in the BBC LS3/5a. This design method allows the Tablette 10 Signatures to boast an added flexibility in its positioning options, meaning you can now place these loudspeakers directly against the wall – a method of positioning that would not be possible with ported enclosures.


Each of the Tablette 10 Signature Loudspeakers includes a new, cutting edge drive unit in order to offer a much better sound reproduction when compared to previous models, and the bass driver uses a Paganni Mika cone. This Paginna Mika cone is constructed using reed leaves mixed with Mika and then coated with an acoustic dope.


A specially designed crossover can be found in these loudspeakers, designed for use within a sealed enclosure, and including a network that shapes the response in order to deliver a richer bass and a more transparent midrange. The tweeter found within the speakers is ProAc’s popular 1 inch silk dome.


  • More flexibility in positioning options
  • 10th generation Tablette speaker
  • Paganni Mika  bass driver cone
  • New, cutting edge drive units
  • Specially designed crossover
  • Please note that the Tablette 10 Signatures do not come with the stands pictured


ProAc Tablette 10 Signature Speakers follow the hugely successful introduction of the Tablette 10 in 2017, sharing many of its proven components.

Signature Model

This new Signature model uses the same cabinet and ProAc soft dome tweeter utilised in the Tablette 10 but the performance if further enhanced through the addition of a new bass driver made of the same Paginna Mika cone material but with a high-quality copper magnet system and phase plug.

Silk Dome Tweeter

The tweeter used in the Signature model is ProAc's highly renowned 1" silk dome model which is also used in many of ProAc's other models. During the design, several speakers were used as comparison those being the LS3/5a, ProAc D2, Spender BC1 and Quad Esl 57.

Rich and Smooth

When designing the Tablette 10, the legendary LS35A design was used for comparison and the resulting ProAc speaker is even less coloured. Tablette 10 Signature not only improves on this but the midrange and bass qualities benefit from a finely tuned crossover designed after many months of listening.

This gives it a smoother and more detailed presentation over the standard model which can be clearly heard on various types of music, whether vocal or instrumental. A thin-walled heavy damped infinite baffle enclosure means the Tablette 10 Signature can be positioned with its rear baffle close to a wall on a shelf but will give its best performance when stand-mounted.

Cabinet Design

Tablette 10 Signature is available in ProAc's 5 standard wood finishes; Black Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple and Silk White along with the Rosewood and Ebony premium finishes. On top of high quality sound, you can be assured you'll get a visually appealing wood design that fits in well with your personal taste or home decor.



Brand Proac                                                                      Product Specifications

Nominal Impedance


10 Ohms


Rec Amplifiers



5 to 50 WATT


Freq Response



55Hz – 30 kHz





86 dB linear for 1 WATT at 1 metre




Proac 5 inch with Paganni Mika cone, with acoustic coating and coper excel magnet system with solid copper phase plug






1 inch (25mm) Proac silk dome air cooled and inner damping





Finest components on dedicated circuit board. Multi-strand oxygen-free copper cable throughout. Split for optional bi-wiring or bi-amplification





H – 12” (305mm)

W – 7” ½ (191mm)

D – 6” ¼ (159mm)






24lb (11kg) each





Stand mounting recommended. Can be shelf mounted if necessary





Acoustically transparent crimplene


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