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Cordial CES O1 passive DI-box

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  • Futoški put 1, Novi Sad
  • Ugrinovački Put 10n, Zemun
  • Svetogorska 9, Beograd
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CORDIAL´s passive DI box CES 01 allows you to easily connect line level outputs or speaker outputs to balanced mixing desk inputs with microphone level sensitivity.  Ground lift function and 30 dB attenuation can be activated  using large-scale toggle switches. The CES 01 doesn’t require any batteries or phantom power. A sturdy steel housing with antiskid stands and recessed controls guarantees a secure footing and minimizes the risks of accidental damage. The “ REAN made by Neutrik” transformers and sockets ensure extraordinary durability and a long product life.

Field test by Axel Ritt (Grave Digger):
“Workmanship: massive, very torsion-resistant, sturdy and robust, can stand a few kicks… high-end switches and sockets (as one would expect). Really good toggle/pressure switch protection due to overhanging sheet metal housing.
Operation: well-positioned ground lift function. Really useful level reduction function of up to -30dB so that you can use each of the mic inputs. Another good feature, especially for DJs: CINCH inputs.
Conclusion: very good workmanship, practice-oriented operation, reasonable price. All in all: very much to my linking!”
Field test by David Heyer (Legends of Rock’n’ Roll): First of all, there is the extremely robust and roadworthy housing that leaves nothing to be desired. The contacts are really soldered meticulously and guarantee stress-free connecting. This DI box prevents humming and crackling effectively and is suitable for all kinds of intended purposes.
The switch designated for signal level reduction works precisely and does a great job. Output socket and ground lift switch are thoroughly protected, the workmanship is immaculate. All solder joints flawless, no crackling or humming, perfect.
Conclusion: a superb job, simply a marvel!
CORDIAL´s DI-box CES 01 combines great workmanship, high sound quality and cost efficiency in a perfect way.



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