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PSI Audio A214-M

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Powerful center monitor

“The A214-M is incredibly powerful for its size.”
Terry Nelson – Realisason, France

Main Features

Power: 80 + 40W
Frequency Range: 43Hz – 23kHz
SPL Max: 104dB
100% Analog – No DSP
Flat frequency response
Phase compensated for a better stereo image
individually calibrated
Class G/H Amplifiers

Typical listening distance: from 1.5 m
5 years warranty
Handmade in Switzerland

Extend the low frequencies and add power

Use one of PSI Audio’s Subwoofer / LFE to add more energy and low end to your A214-M:
– Our compact Sub A125-M
– our full range Sub A225-M

Thanks to our Roll-Off technology, both Sub A125-M & Sub A225-M are designed to perfectly match the A214-M.

PSI Audio A125-M SPL Graphic


A214-M – The perfect speaker for surround setups

The A214-M is primarily designed as a centre speaker for surround systems. Its power is optimized to satisfy the requirements of post-production and film mixing suites. The small cabinet allows it to be used in surround systems where space is and issue such as below a screen.

Product A214-M
Power RMS 120 + 40 W
Program Power 160 W
Continuous Max SPL @ 1m 108 dB (single)
Program Max SPL @ 1m 119 dB (pair)
Response at -6dB 53-23000Hz
Tolerances ± 2.0 dB (60 Hz – 20 kHz)
Phase tolerances  ± 45° (60 Hz – 20 kHz)
Dispersion 90° x 60°
(P.N. 4-16 kHz) at -6 dB (H x V)
System 2-way
Crossover frequency 1.8 kHz
Woofer dim. Ext. / 2x ø 147 mm /
Diaphragm mm ø 104 mm
 Woofer dim. Ext. / 2x ø 5.8 in /
Diaphragm inch ø 4.1 in
Medium dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm mm  
Medium dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm inch  
Tweeter dim. Ext. / ø 100 mm /
Diaphragm mm ø 25 mm
Tweeter dim. Ext. / ø 3.9 in /
Diaphragm inch ø 1.0 in
Dimensions W x H x D mm 166 x 446 x 200
Dimensions W x H x D inch 6.6 x 17.6 x 7.9
Net Weight kg 10.2 kg
Net Weight lbs 22.4 lbs


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