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Eighteensound HD2000 8ohm - Visokotonac

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  • Svetogorska 9, Beograd
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Best performance to price 1.4” exit driver on themarket 108 dB 1W/ 1maverage sensitivity 1.4 inch throat exit 2.4 inch edgewound aluminumvoice coil 140Wprogrampower handling Pure Titaniumdiaphragmassembly Proprietary phase plug design HFcoppersleeve forreduced distortion and increased output

The HD2000 1.4 inch exit high frequency compression driver has been designed for use in high quality audio systems.

The titanium diaphragm is produced in-house and has been developed to assure unmatched transient response. A proprietary treated Nomex former with edge-wound copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) 60mm voice coil completes diaphragm assembly. It has been made by joining the proprietary-treated Nomex former directly to the titanium dome through its upper bend edge. In comparison with a usualstraight former joint, the driver design assures extended frequency energy transfer for improved response linearity and unparalleled reliability. This feature maintains proper motion control of the dome in real working conditions.

Due to its physical properties, the proprietary-treated Nomex former shows a 30% higher value of tensile elongation at working operative temperatures (200°C) when compared to Kapton. Moreover, thismaterial issuitable to work also in highermoisture-content environments. Equipped with Proprietary Phase Plug 3P architecture, the HD2000 has been designed to give a smooth coherent wave front at the horn entrance in all working frequency ranges with a high level manufacturing consistency.

The phase plug with its short openings and high flare rate, assureslow distortion with excellent mid-high frequency reproduction. The HD2000 powerful ceramic magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 16 kGauss in the gap within a compact ferrite motor structure. The motor structure is equipped with copper ring on the pole piece, reducinginductance effect and distortion.


  • General

    •  Compression driver
    •  Eighteen Sound
    •  HD2000
    •  DRV142000TI08FA - 0421T8H200
  • Informations

    •  8 ohm
    •  6 inch
    •  108 dB
    •  70 W
    •  140 W
    •  1000÷20000 Hz
    •  1000 Hz
    •  1.4 inch
  • Datas

    •  1.6 T
    •  7.6 ohm
    •  ~2.8 kg
  • Dimensions

    •  2.4 inch
    •  145 mm
    •  65 mm
  • Shape & Materials

    •  Cylindrical
    •  Ferrite


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